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Lot 2 "Stara Zagora-Nova Zagora"

The length of Lot 2 „Stara Zagora  - Nova Zagora  - from km 210+100 up to km  241+900” is 31.8 km. The route of the motorway passes through the territory of Stara Zagora and Sliven districts.  For the travelers on “Trakia” motorway in the direction to Burgas-Plovdiv, the road junction “Stara Zagora” at km. 210+550 benchmarked the commencement of Lot 2.  The traffic on the largest for this segment road facility was opened 8 months ahead - on 13th of October, 2011.  The remaining kilometers of Lot 2 were commissioned on July 1, 2012.

For the implementation of Lot 2 has been concluded the following contracts: 

Builder - Association  JVs“Magistrala Trace”

Value of the contract 137 868 000 BGN with VAT included ;

Consultant – „Patinvestengineering” PLC 

Value of the contract 1 349 578,80 BGN with VAT included ;

Author’s supervision – „Patproekt” Ltd.

Value of the contract 112 800 BGN with VAT included.

The construction works started on 9th of June 2010. The deadline for implementation was 25 months .

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