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Lot 3 "Nova Zagora-Yambol"

Lot  3 „Nova Zagora  - Yambol – from km. 241+900 up to km. 277+597” is with length of   35.7 km. The route passes through the territory of Sliven and Yambol districts. The construction works commenced on 2nd of August 2010. The deadline for implementation was 25 months and the construction works were completed one month ahead than the foreseen in the schedule – on 12th of July 2012.

For the implementation of Lot 3 has been concluded the following contracts: 

Builder – “Aktor” SA

Value of the contract 133 973 906.02 BGN with VAT included;

Consultant  – Association  JVs “T7/SNIK”

Value of the contract 1 077 240 BGN with VAT included;

Author’s supervision – „Rutex ” Ltd.

Value of the contract 111 672 BGN with VAT included;

The travelers on "Trakia" motorway can understand that they are within the outlines of Lot 3 , because of  the mounted  noise protecting wall  near the city of Kremen from km. 263  +700 up to km 263 +850 and  the 10 kilometers safety nets,  built  for securing the flight of birds.

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